«Klimovichskij Bread-Baking Complex » JSC is a modern high-efficiency enterprise, which is the largest one in the Republic. The structure of the Complex includes a mill with a high-efficiency equipment, made under the license of the Swiss company «Buller» with an elevator of 54000 tons` capacity. The productive capacity of the wheat processing equipment with one section- 250 tons per day, rye processing - 200 tons per day.

In the first quarter of 2011 the grain dryer was built with the capacity of 20000 tons, consisting of 8 tanks with the capacity of 2500 tons, the  productivity of the grain dryer is 40 tons per hour. 

The enterprise organizes the purchase, acceptance, postharvest processing, storage and shipment of grain. One of the basic directions of the complex activity is flour production. The basic raw materials for flour production are wheat and rye. At present the enterprise produces rye flour, wheat flour and processes triticale, stably providing trading and baking industry enterprises with flour. The main types of flour include: fancy white wheat flour, straight white wheat flour and dark wheat flour, pure white rye, medium rye flour. The innovation product of the enterprise– wheat germ flakes.

One more direction of the enterprise activities, which is also very important, is compound feed industry. The feed factory has a high-efficiency Czechoslovak equipment, with the productive capacity of 420 tons of crumbled and granulated feed per day with the silage unit with the capacity of 20000 tons.

The enterprise produces complete feed, crumbled and granulated as well as granules for needs of animal industries and poultry farming of the region in necessary quantity and assortment. The feed factory has a wide assortment, up to 16 items of feed, according to age groups and animal species. Protein and vitamin supplements also produced, if necessary.


There is a production line of the American company “Insta-Pro” for rape oil production at «Klimovichskij Bread-Baking Complex » JSC. The productivity amounts 14 tons per day; the yield of oil is 33%, the part of which is used for feed production.

In the second quarter of 2011 a new line for rape oil production of the company “Farmet” (Czech Republic) was put into operation. The planned productivity is 60 tons, while the yield of oil is 33%.

The production corresponds to the regulations and requirements to quality accepted in the Republic of Belarus.

The Krichev site is equipped with a grit packaging line, manufactured by the Russian company« Pick Pack », with the productivity of 3 tons per a shift.

The construction of a dairy farm for 768 milch cows is planned within the branch “Niva –Agro” of «Klimovichskij Bread-Baking Complex » JSC as well as a pig complex for 1260 sow. Exported products include:

  •                      wheat flour (fancy white wheat flour, straight white wheat flour and dark wheat flour);
  •                      rye flour (pure white rye flour, medium rye flour);
  •                      rape oil 

The countries of export: Latvia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Georgia, Guinea. The quality guarantee is confirmed by corresponding certificates. The enterprise as far as possible takes part in the international and republican exhibitions.


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